Stadium Mosaics

Nothing could be more important in these difficult times than connecting with fellow human beings to share our passions.

Strange times

The effect of Covid-19 on sport has been profound. Fans cannot attend games; they are played behind closed doors and the negative experience this has on fans and players alike is overwhelming.

The combination of these factors has implications for the commercial reality of all sports. Without fan-engagement commercial partners question the value of their sponsorship deals. This in turn will has implications for the long-term sustainability of many sports as sponsors turn to more effective means of reaching audiences.

Fan engagement

In response to this crisis, Filmily has modified their award-winning SaaS fan-engagement platform to allow fans to have an instant engagement with events.

With Fans watching from their sofas we have enhanced the platform to enable fans to record reactions, commentaries and fun clips from home.

The platform merges these fan reactions to create mosaics which can be shown on screens or digital hoardings in stadiums and shared on social channels, drawing together isolated audiences and delivering a sense of normality by creating a genuinely engaging fan experience.