Why are we Different?

We are a SaaS based fan engagement platform. We enable your fans to join in the fun, creating memorable experiences.

What do fans get?

Fans get unique experiences, personalised to them. Whether its a 'Fan of the Match' activation, 'Panini' card style collectibles or digital tickets, you have the ability to create amazing content, on brand, with your sponsors.

What do you get?

You get reams of first party data. When a fan uses Filmily, our AI kicks in and gives you up to 75 data points for every second of footage collected. We know handsets, location, age, gender, brands they are wearing and more.

1. Events

Make fans part of the event

Filmily Explained

2. Content

Content is collected via the Filmily camera, fully branded to your needs. Accessed via your App, QR codes and social media links

Filmily Explained

3. Filmily Process

Content is collected by the Filmily AI to label, sort & process based upon preferences that you set. e.g. Age, gender, handset, brands, location, time.

Filmily Explained

4. Output

We can output digital scrapbooks, branded UGC, stadium mosaics, competitions, digital tickets, or in fact whatever you can think of!

Filmily Explained


The Filmily platform allows you to schedule your activations in advance, throughout an event or season.

Content is king

We can generate as much content as you need. We can filter through 1000s of clips, edit them and generate beaufiul films, in minutes. What used to be expensive, and take days, can now happen while an event is still live. Fans can see thier particpation while the excitement if the game is still real.

  • Generate social content.
  • Give each fan a unique to them memorable film.
  • Link your sponsors with fans.
  • Bring remote fans into the stadium.
  • Created scrapbooks for each and every fan.
  • Create fan mosaics
  • Celebrate your fan of the match.