Case Study

Coca Cola



We have recently started working with Coca Cola to support them with their audience engagement at the “Coca Cola X Music Venue Trust Tour” which kicks off with 13 gigs at grassroots music venues across the UK through September and October, headlined by indie singer- songwriter Casey Lowry.


We have activations for fans leading up to the tour, at each gig, as well as following the tour, where we will be creating digital showreels for each individual venue.


We created a competition for the fans to win Ticketmaster Vouchers.

All fans were entered into a prize draw if then sent in a Selfie image.

Using our location technology we sent the fans back an 'I Was There' memento based on the location of the gig they were at.


We received content from every gig in the tour and identifed unique data for each fan.


This was an image based campaign so cannot show video links! Butr please view the whole channal

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