Case Study

David Bowie World Fan Convention



The David Bowie World Fan Convention (DBWFC) is an amazing event celebrating the here that is Bowie.

held in Liverpool, people from all over the world came.


We were challenged to create numeriousd pieces of content for this event. Digital tickets, scrapbooks and other digital mementos were avialible in the Filmily generated Fan App.

We were to produce fan walls to be shown on screens ands shared on social media.


A generated fan app, fully branded so fans had the option of creating many digital mementos.

One of the key parts was the digital scrap book, where fans uploaded up to 5 images, and we created a 1 minute long video, personalised to the fan, incorperating thier images and stock footage and statistics from the event.


The fans loved it, we created content throughout the event, and made many fans happy.


This is an example of a video wall we created from the fans content.

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