Case Study

NTT / MLB All Stars 2023



For the second year running, Filmily was present with our client, NTT at the MLB All Stars showcase, this time in Seattle, Washington.

Targeting MLB partners we created an integrated Web 3.0 solution. Highlights included:-

  • Filmily experience in a digital twin of Seattle Mariners stadium.
  • Filmily data pushed to Meta verse to customise fan experience.
  • All fans who participated got entered into the Filmily developed ‘Win Zone’ competition.


The challenge was to showcase the AI based data we collect and how it can be used to enhance a metaverse experience.

Fans at the event took a selfie image and selected the MLB team they support. We pushed that into a Metaverse experience to create a gallary of 'Panini' style cards, customised for each fan and team they selected.


A Filmily experience ona screen on a wall, which automated a fans to push to the next part of the experience.

Aside from the data we collected, we created a competition where every fan received an SMS of a random location in the ball park. If the Hitter hit a ball in thier location, they won a prize.


People came to the stand and joined in the fun. Everything worked seamlessly on this large integration piece and NTT were very happy with the results.


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