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Before we delve into the details of this new partnership, let's take a moment to appreciate DCUK's global impact. Beyond being a retailer, DCUK is a purveyor of happiness with its iconic wooden ducks. These delightful creations have found homes worldwide, bringing smiles to faces from London to Sydney.

DCUK's wooden ducks aren't just decorative items; they are companions that inspire joy and whimsical smiles. The craftsmanship and attention to detail make each duck a unique work of art. From classic designs to festive editions, DCUK's characters have become cherished collectibles, adding a touch of warmth to homes and hearts globally.


The call is out to all proud owners of DCUK bamboo ducks: it's time to capture the magic. Take a selfie with your duck or ducks, showcasing the festive spirit in your home. Whether it's a Christmas-themed setup or a candid moment in the weeks after the big day, Filmily is looking forward to seeing some smiling selfies.

But why stop there? Filmily encourages DCUK fans to share these delightful snapshots on social media platforms. They will be able to use a campaign hashtag and be part of the community of DCUK enthusiasts spreading happiness online. It's more than just a selfie; it's a celebration of the unique connection between owners and their wooden companions.


Everytime a user purchases a DCUK there will be a card witha QR code inserted. Recepients of the DCUKs will be encouraged to simply scan the code, take a piccie and receive thier branded DCUK and chance to enter a prize draw.


At the time of writing we are still live, watching tyhe content coming in.

DCUK are happy, which is the goal froma Filmily perspective!


This was an image based campaign so cannot show video links! Butr please view the whole channal

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