Case Study

Olympics 2021 - Canadian Olympic Committee



After much deliberation over whether spectators would be allowed, an increase in Covid cases in Japan in early July sealed the deal. For the first time in history the Olympic games would take place with no domestic or foreign supporters.


A lack of spectators undeniably changed the atmosphere at the games for the athletes, but there was an economic cost that was invisible to those watching at home. Without in-person spectators, sponsors were denied the opportunity to interact with fans and potential business partners. Instead they needed to deliver remote digital initiatives.

For Team Canada and their key sponsors Canadian Tire, they needed to find a way of maximising the sponsorship value and connecting fans across all of Canada to get behind their athletes and show their support.

Campaign Description

Working the marketing and commercial teams at Team Canada, Canadian Tyre and their marketing agency Wasserman, Filmily and Yinzcam worked together to integrate the Filmily platform into the ‘Team Canada’ app.

Key to the campaign was to design a unique set of experiences to encourage fans from across Canada to support their athletes.

A supersize video wall was erected in the hometown of 12 key athletes. Films were projected onto each wall, showing the nation's support for the athlete.

Fans could create their own personalised ‘Fan Card’, branded with Team Canada and brought to them by their sponsor Canadian Tire.

Every fan that shared content, received a thank you in the form of a personalised Mosaic with the fan at the centre as the star. These Mosaics were designed to be shared across social media, building communities and amplifying the value of Canadian Tires sponsorship.

Filmily, also supported Karaoke style videos, which allowed fans to support the team by singing along, or supporting an individual athlete of their choice.

All of the experience was delivered in French or English, depending on which language the fan had set their phone.


Over 400 fans took part in creating content to support the team. Dozens of different style video walls were created, changing on the fly when Canada won a Gold medal. Content was sent out while the event was on and shared by fans across all social networks.


This is an example of a Maple Leaf Video Wall.

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This is an example of a ‘Support Team Canada’ video.

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